TECHNIGHT, MOCAK, Kraków, 2023

An event combining techno music and visualizations referring to and drawing from the works of the artists of the Krakow Group, one of the most important artistic groups of the 20th century in Poland. The starting point of the research is the observation of how modern digital media enter various spheres of life. Newly established museums are equipped with electronic systems that expand exploration possibilities and help better understand the structure and content of a work of art. The event was a tribute to techno music parties in the Krzysztofory basements, where members of the 2nd Krakow Group met. The works of these artists were presented at MOCAK at the „Artists from Krakow” exhibition. Discos with electronic music and the best DJs were organized in the iconic café that used to be next to the gallery.


Treebal, Georgia, 2019

Mapping made in Tbilisi, Georgia, durning Treebal gig in 2019. Mapping over lycra decorations made by 2DEKO.


Stary Theatre, Cracow, 2021

Mapping on Stary Theatre building due to theatre anniversary celebration.
2D and 3D animations.


Mapping mixtape

Mixtape of shots made during various gigs and festivals in Poland and Czech Republic, such Goa Dupa Festival, Egodrop and more.